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Welcome to the FlashFire Studios Wiki! Here you can view updates, videos, characters, story arcs, projects, and more, all created by FlashFire Studios!

What is FlashFire Studios? It's a small team based in Canada that creates comic books!

We at FlashFire hope that you have fun browsing (and possibly adding to!) our Wiki!

Latest activityEdit

  • new page Time Travel
    created by Luhjgh
    New page: Time Travel is the travel through time. Comics featuring Time TravelEdit The Unrecorded History of The Universe Issue #1 Noteworthy Time...
  • new page Humans
    created by Luhjgh
    New page: Humans are a bipedal species of primate that dominate the planet Earth in the Sol System. There are no notable members currently.
  • new page Earth
    created by Luhjgh
    New page: Earth is a planet of which most of the modern era comics take place, it is inhabited by Humans.
  • new page Sol System
    created by Luhjgh
    New page: The Sol System is a solar system that goes in this order: Orange/yellow sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.
  • new page Mars
    created by Luhjgh
    New page: Mars is a red planet in the Sol System. It is the 4th planet from it's sun. Mars was inhabited by Martians
  • edit FlashFire Studios Wiki
    edited by Luhjgh diff
  • new page FFS1
    created by Luhjgh
    New page: FFS1 is the mainstream, canonical universe of which all comic series take place in.
  • edit Justin Time
    edited by Luhjgh diff
  • edit T'chodo
    edited by Luhjgh diff
  • edit Tsei
    edited by Luhjgh diff

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